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  • Membership period shall be from 1st April to 31st March (12 Months).
  • No refund is admissible to any member who wants to discontinue his/her membership at any time.
  • A discontinued member if he wants to join the Scheme again will be treated as a new member.
  • Members of the Scheme having Nursing Homes and calling consultants for providing treatment to their patients or admitting patients of other doctors shall see that those doctors are also insured with the scheme.
  • All Medico Legal risks arising out of activities in surgical & diagnostic camps and all activities outside the State of Gujarat shall be excluded from the preview of the Scheme.
  • After five litigations the scheme reserves its right of renewing or not renewing his/her membership.
  • The scheme is not responsible for any act of a member for whichhe/she is not professionally qualified and /or professionally experienced/trained.
  • Continuous membership of Gujarat State Branch I.M.A. for the entireperiod of the coverage by the scheme is mandatory.
  • He also include she whenever applicable.
  • The Scheme shall not provide any indemnity cover for any act of amember which is against the law of the land.
  • A General practitioner having Nursing Home and admitting his/her own patient will treat medical cases upto only his qualification level. Casesof other discipline admitted in his nursing home shall be under the care of concerned specialist, similarly consultant having Nursing Home and admitting cases of other discipline shall see that those cases are under the care concerned specialist.
  • If a member is having attachment, the scheme will cover only themember and not the Hospital to which he/she is attached.
  • For all legal disputes between the member and administration the jurisdiction shall be restricted to the courts at Ahmedabad only.
  • Member doing MTP must get their Nursing Home/Hospital registered Government of Gujarat under the MTP act.

      I have read the Special Note & renewal notice & I declare that the above statement is correct & complete till this date. I, Solemnly, pledge that I will inform the Scheme, if there is any change in the above information in future.